CR Soccer Academy coaches, Carlo Rivas Jr and Carlos Rivas have many years of professional experience. Carlos Rivas, reached the highest level of professional soccer when he played in the 1982 Fifa World Cup for Chile and Carlo jr. played many years in Chile's first division. Today, they are utilizing their experience to teach young athletes the fundamentals of the game and providing guidance to those athletes interested in pursuing a career in professional soccer. CR Soccer Academy coaches believe in post secondary education and the value it brings to our young future, so opportunities for full/partial athletic scholarships is also a goal for the academy. With a caring, motivated and charismatic attitude the CR Soccer Academy coaches have been extremely successful guiding young athletes in the right direction!


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Ex-Chilean World Cup Player

Carlos Rivas played for Colo-Colo, a Chilean football team, from 1978 to 1982. Carlos Rivas was a midfielder for Colo-Colo in 136 official games over five seasons, and he scored 40 goals during that time. While he was on the team, the team won two national championships (1979 and 1981) and two Polla Gol championships (1981 and 1982).

Rivas also represented the Chilean National team at the 1982 FIFA World Cup.

Rivas was a key figure in the development of a style of football involving 'pre-jugadas' and creative offensive strategies.


  • Audax Italiano (Chile)

  • Santiago Morning (Chile)

  • Deportes Concepcion (Chile)

  • Colo-Colo (Chile)

National team

Chilean National Team

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Carlo Rivas Jr. 

Ex-Professional Soccer Player

Rivas Jr. began his career in Mexico with Cruz Azul and just after one year he signed in the first division with Chilean professional team Deportes La Serena. 


It is in Deportes La Serena where he became a recognizable figure in sports throughout Chile. Carlo was a starter in the squad and became numerous times the recipient of the best player of the week.


One year left in his contract, Jose Sulantay, the U/20 World Cup Coach and the recipient of Chilean Coach of the year award in 2007 made a personal request to bring Carlo Rivas Jr. to Municipal Iquique, another professional team in Chile. He signed in January 2008 for Municipal Iquique and played professionally in that club for 2 years


Carlo Rivas then played his final year of professional soccer at the Universidad de Concepción, where he went on to win the Copa Chile in 2009.


  • Cruz Azul (Mexico)

  • Club Deportes La Serena (Chile)

  • Club Deportes Iquique (Chile)

  • Universidad De Concepcion (Chile)

National Team

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