covid19 pROTOCOL

CR Soccer Academy has taken safety precautions to ensure all members of the academy are safe during the Covid19 pandemic. We ask all participating members to sign off on the Covid19 questionnaire (link below).

Steps that our organization has taken to ensure the safe operation of our program during the Covid19 pandemic:

1. Covid19 Declaration of Compliance Form will be filled and signed by every registered player.

2. Contact Tracing Log for each session will be maintained to identify each person (staff and players) attending the session that day. 

3. Covid19 questionnaire will be filled out and completed by every registered player (link below).

4. Hand sanitizer at all training (prior and after practice).

5. Face masks to be worn by players, training staff, coaches to the training field. Masks can be removed for on field training purposes. 

7. Soccer drills created with maximum distancing.

8. Athletes are to bring their own water bottle, absolutely NO water sharing.

9. We ask parents to preferably drop off their children and wait in their vehicle for pick up. If spectating, we ask parents to please wear a mask and follow social distancing rules.

We thank you for your understanding,

CR Soccer Academy Staff